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Fat Snook
Centropomus parallelus

Common Name(s):

Cuban Snook, Calba


The Fat Snook has a deeper body than the other snook, although it is not strongly compressed. It is yellow brown or green brown on the back and silvery on the sides, and the lateral line is weakly outlined in black. The mouth reaches to or beyond the center of the eye, and it has the smallest scales of all the snook. There are 15 to 16 rays in the pectoral fin, 6 soft rays in the anal fin, and 10 to 13 gill rakers.

Similar Fish:

Swordspine Snook, Tarpon Snook

Feeding Habits:

The Fat Snook eats mainly small fish and shrimp.


Southern Florida extending down the southeastern coast of the Gulf of Mexico and the continental Caribbean coasts to Santos, Brazil.


The Fat Snook is an inshore species found in mangrove habitat and are common in fresh waters.

Typical Size:

The Fat Snook occasionally exceeds 20 inches in length and may reach 24 inches, although most are 12-16 inches long.

World Record:

9 pounds, 5 ounces (IGFA)


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