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Saltwater Fish Identification

Great White Shark
Carcharodon carcharias

Common Name(s):

Great White Shark, White Pointer, Jaqueton


The Great White Shark varies in color from overall grayish white to brownish above and white below. It usually looks lighter in the water than other big sharks. It has a pointed nose and triangular teeth, which are serrated. A black patch may be present at base of pectoral fin. The gill openings are rather large but not extending onto back or belly. The second dorsal and anal fins are small.

Similar Fish:

Mako Sharks

Feeding Habits:

The Great White Shark feeds primarily on octopus, lobster, crab, and bony fish.


The Great White Shark is found in temperate waters of all oceans. On the Atlantic Coast south from South Newfoundland to Brazil (reported to Argentina), as well as Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas, Cuba, and Lesser Antilles. On the Pacific Coast from Alaska sout


The Great White Shark prefer coastal waters and are usually near the surface. They may make long migrations across the open seas.

Typical Size:

Might be 200 or 2,000 pounds. The largest of all predatory sharks, it has been verified at 20 feet and over 4,000 pounds.

World Record:

2664 pounds, 0 ounces (IGFA)


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