The Nature of Florida - Paperback Field Book

The Nature of Florida
The Nature of Florida - Paperback Field Book
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The Nature of Florida: An Introduction to Familiar Plants, Animals & Outstanding Natural Attractions, Second Edition
Author Name: James Kavanagh
Foldout Width: 8.5 x 11 inches
Illustrator Name : Raymond Leung
Measurements: 8.5 H x 5.5 W
Publication Date: 3/5/2018
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Florida is home to an astonishing diversity of wildlife species including over 500 birds, 98 mammals, 198 reptiles and amphibians, hundreds of fresh and saltwater fishes and thousands of species of invertebrates. This beautifully illustrated guide highlights more than 380 familiar plants and animals and dozens of Florida's outstanding natural attractions. It is an indispensable single reference for amateur naturalists, students and tourists alike. Zoologist James Kavanagh has made a career out of introducing novices to plants, animals, the sciences and world cultures. In addition to creating over 500 simplified nature guides, he has also authored guides to languages, cities and outdoor skills. An avid traveler and backpacker, Kavanagh's path has taken him around the world to many remote destinations including the upper Amazon, Africa, Australia and the Arctic Circle (and this is just the As). He is the author of field guides to the flora and fauna of some of the most ecologically diverse states, and whimsical children’s book on evolution.www.waterfordpress.com