Glossary of Art Terms

Limited Edition Prints

A Limited Edition Print, of a piece of original fine art, is when the size of the production run of prints is set and only that number of prints will be made available to the buying public. All of the rejected prints plus negatives and printing plates are then destroyed. Therefore, a Limited Edition of 500 prints (plus 10% for Artists Proofs) will be the only prints available for sale for that edition! This ensures that only those prints signed and numbered (S/N) by the artist will be on the market. The prints are made on top quality paper stock, usually 100% cotton rag paper that is acid free and only the highest quality permanent non-fading inks are used in the printing process.

Open Edition Prints

A Open Edition Print is the same high quality print as above. These prints are normally not signed by the artist (although in some cases may be signed) and no limit is set as to the amount of prints that may be printed.

Artist Proof

The artist generally is allocated about 10% of the total printing for his/her own use. These hand picked prints are signed and numbered (S/N) differently from the Limited Edition Prints. Today the quality of offset lithography is very high quality and consistent, and Artist Proofs are not usually any better, quality wise, than the prints of a regular edition. The value as a collectable, however, is greatly increased.


The original art is digitally scanned, the colors matched and recorded on the computer, and the image is printed on either fine art paper or canvas. Displaying the full color spectrum, these artworks have vibrant, brilliant colors and a velvety texture. This new technology gives the finished product the look and texture of an original painting. It is often impossible for the average person to tell the Giclee' from the original. The edition size is normally small all are signed and numbered (S/N).