Freshwater Fishing Essentials - Folding Waterproof Pocket Guide

Freshwater Fishing Essentials
Freshwater Fishing Essentials - Folding Waterproof Pocket Guide
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Freshwater Fishing Essentials: A Folding Pocket Guide to Gear, Techniques & Useful Tips
Foldout Width: 11 x 18.75 inches
Measurements: 5.5 H x 3.75 W
Publication Date: 3/12/2019
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Freshwater Fishing Essentials is a convenient quick reference to the topics every angler needs to know. This pocket guide provides information on all the basics including essential equipment; fishing methods for different species; where to find fish on lakes and rivers; when to fish; the most common species of freshwater fish and the hook size that applies to each, and how to land, gut and fillet a fish. This lightweight, waterproof folding guide is an indispensable source of information for anyone who loves to fish. Made in the USA. Zoologist Jim Kavanagh has made a career out of introducing novices to plants, animals, the sciences and world cultures. In addition to creating over 500 simplified nature guides, he has also authored guides to languages, cities and outdoor skills. An avid traveler and backpacker, Kavanagh’s path has taken him around the world to many remote destinations including the upper Amazon, Africa, Australia, and the Arctic Circle (and this is just the As). He is also the author of a series of state-specific guides to common species and natural attractions and a children's book on evolution.