Knots for Fresh and Saltwater - DVD

Knots for Fresh and Saltwater - DVD
One of the most important elements of fishing enjoyment is your skill at tying knots. Knots are elementary to fishing whether it's fly fishing, spinning or bait, and you can learn every knot you will need to know in this DVD
Format: DVD
Year: 7/1/2002
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Outdoor Life Network and ESPN's Fly Fishing Video Magazine hosts, Jim & Kelly Watt, along with expert instruction from author Dick Talleur, guide Lenny Moffo, casting expert Steve Rajeff and the Hooker's first mate Randy Baker. Dick Talleur: Nail Knot, Braided Mono Loop, Surgeon's Loop, Uni Knot, Albright Knot, Leader to Fly Line, Knots for Leaders, Blood Knot, Double Overhand, Surgeon's Knot, Nested Nail Knot, Nested Uni Knot, Knot Strength test, Clinch Knot, Improved Clinch Knot, Turl Knot. Steve Rajeff: Backing to Reel, Nail-less Nail Knot. Lenny Moffo: Mono Loop, Slip Knot, Wire Leader Knots, Haywire Twist, Albright Combo. Randy Baker: Plastic Coated Wire Leaders, Big Game Fishing Knots. Viewers also Learn: Class Tippett, Bimini Twist, Spider Hitch, Huffnagle, Double Hook Set with Snell Knot, Lines for Billfish.

Filmed in 2003 by directors Jim and Kelly Watt.